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  • from £1.65

    Qualicare Vomit Bowl 800ml

    Vomit Bowls from Qualicare  800ml Bowls Perfect to Keep in Car for Journeys and at Home!  

    from £1.65
  • £0.29

    Qualicare Scissors Budget 13Cm

    Budget first aid scissors with a blunt tip, measurent scale on the blade.

  • £0.08

    Qualicare Swabs Sterile

    Sterile swabs, Allows blood and fluids to pass through and be absorbed. Cushions and protects wounds.

  • £0.08

    Qualicare Guidance Notes

    A guidance booklet detailing basic first aid application required to be supplied in all first aid kits.

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    Qualicare Tuffcut Scissors 14Cm

    Quality stainless steel tuff cut scissors for everyday first aid jobs.Designed to suit every application.Tough cut scissors, ideal for cutting plas...

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  • £15.99
  • £5.67

    Qualicare Vehicle/Travel Kit

    A compact yet comprehensive kit developed with travel and vehicle use in mind.

  • £3.95

    Qualicare Tractor Kit

    First aid kit for use in a Tractor. Includes integral mounting bracket to ensure that the essential first aid items are always securely to hand.

  • £1.31

    Qualicare Swabs

    These Swabs from Qualicare are non sterile, supplied in a pack of 100.

  • £6.47

    Qualicare Sports Bag

    A Sports first aid bag with carry handles and shoulder strap This deluxe sports first aid bag is designed for easy access and excellent storage of ...

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  • £3.14

    Qualicare Sharps Disposal Kit

    Sharps Disposal kits are designed to reduce injury and potential serious infection caused by mishandling of discarded needles and syringes.

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    Qualicare Sharps Bin

    This Sharps Bin from Qualicare is perfect for disposing of Biohazard materials and sharps, Easily fitted into glove compartment.

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  • £4.09

    Qualicare Motorist Kit

    Motorist First Aid Kit for car,truck,taxi,minibus and coach.Motorist first aid kit for up to 3 ,8 and 16 passengers.

  • £1.44

    Qualicare Basic Student Pack

    Qualicare are setting the new standard for both affordability and quality. Their vast range of products caters for any first aid medical need wheth...

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