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Bandages & Dressings

  • £0.18

    Qualicare Microporous Tape

    Microporous Tape can be used to hold dressings in place or alone for minor cuts and grazes.This tape is flexible for comfort and easy to remove. It...

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  • £0.08

    Qualicare Adhesive Wound Dressing

    Sterile highly absorbent dressing pad with low adherence and low allergy stretch fabric. Individually wrapped in a peel pouch for use on weeping o...

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  • £0.14

    Qualicare Conforming Bandage

    The Conforming bandage is one of Qualicare's highest quality polyamide conforming bandages designed to give maximum stretch, giving good compressio...

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  • £0.26

    Qualicare Fingerstall Blue Large

    Secures finger dressings and ensures dryness and protection. Blue available for catering environments.

  • £0.30

    Qualicare Finger Tubular Bandage Std

    Pre-rolled finger bandage. Ideal for protection for fingers from damage and infection. Available for catering environments.

  • £0.12

    Qualicare Finger Dressing 3.5Cm X 3.5Cm

    A finger dressing, packaged and designed in such a way that it is possible for the injured person to dress their own finger, when a plaster is not ...

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  • £0.48

    Qualicare Extra Large Wound Dressing 20Cm X 28Cm

    These Extra Large Wound Dressing from Qualicare are non-woven dressings sewn to polyester bandages.Individually wrapped and sterile.

  • £0.50

    Qualicare Crepe Bandage 10cm x 4.5m Length

    Crepe Bandage Suitable for sprains & strains Elastic and stretchable Light support. Crepe bandage 10cm x 4.5m Lenght 

  • £0.14

    Qualicare Triang Bandage Dispos 3G 90X90X127Cm

    Used to immobilise, support and protect arms, shoulders and ribs.Non sterile.

  • £0.93

    Qualicare Cohesive Bandage Latex 7.5 X 4.5

    High quality latex cohesive bandage, tearable one way. Uses the best adhesives which adheres positively to itself to give excellent compression. Id...

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  • £7.04

    Qualicare Low Adherent Dressing

    A sterile, highly absorbent Dressing pad, with low adherence, individually wrapped in a peal pouch for use on abrasions, lacerations and moderately...

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  • £0.38

    Qualicare Fingerstall Clear Large

    Secures finger dressings and ensures dryness and protection. Blue available for catering environments.

  • £0.78

    Qualicare Finger Cot Latex X 12 Asstd Sizes

    Medisure Latex Finger Cots have been carefully made from natural latex and are designed to help keep dressings clean and dry.

  • £0.71

    Qualicare Elastic Adhesive Bandage

    Qualicare Elastic Adhesive Bandage is a cotton support bandage with a strong adhesive backing.Highest quality elastic adhesive bandage.Transparent,...

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    Qualicare Dressing Flow Wrapped

    Sterile, non-woven dressing sewn to polyester stretch bandage. Flow wrapped.

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  • £0.42

    Qualicare Cotton Calico Triangular Non Hemmed

    Cotton Calico hemmed triangular bandage, standard size. Re-usable, hard wearing calico bandage ideal for fixing temporary splints and creating a sl...

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  • £0.26

    Qualicare Ambulance Dressing Sterile

    Designed for use by first aiders, paramedics, and emergency service personnel, these sterile dressings are flow wrapped for quick and easy unpacking.